Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Snow Finally in the Forecast

I mentioned in the last post that we could see some snow next week and things continue to look that is a possibility.  We have been watching for a pattern change to show up as we head towards the end of December and it may begin to take shape this weekend.  The snowmaking has been great but we would love nothing more than to get some natural snow to go on top.

Starting on Monday the storm train looks like it will begin to pull into the Pacific NW.  That keeps us very close to the Southern edge of the storms and it won't take much of a shift to get the snow further South. Over the past couple of days the forecast models have been showing the storm coming in on Wednesday dipping far enough South to bring us some snow. 

Right now it looks like it would be in the 3-6 inch range but it's too early to be looking at any totals yet.  But the storm is there in the forecast so keep your fingers crossed it continues to push further South.

The active pattern will continue in the Pacific NW all next week and into the first week of January as the true Winter La Nina pattern really starts to kick in.  That will keep the chances for the storms to track closer as we go into January.  Right now the long-range forecast models are showing 2 possible bigger storms the first week of December, but take that with a grain of salt this far out. 

The good news is that things are changing in the pattern and becoming more active.  Keep your fingets crossed that the snow picks up going into the New Year.  BA

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