Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Taste of Winter Next Week

The pattern is going to change this weekend and we will see increased chances for some snow next week.  Not a lot but hopefully enough to whiten the slopes once again.  We will continue to watch the pattern for the breakthrough of the big storms in January.

The Pacific NW will start to get hit with multiple storms next week as the ridge off the coast shifts South opening the storm door to our North.  As some of the stronger storms come in they may be able to push the ridge further South and make it into our area.  There are a few chances next week of picking up a few inches.

The European weather model today suggested we could pick up a few inches from each of three storms next Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  The Japanese model suggested the snow holds off until a slightly bigger storm next Friday.  The GFS model suggests we pick up a few inches from the Wednesday storm. 

The most snow showing up is up to 9 inches from the three storms combined down to getting a dusting.  We will have to continue to watch the track of the storms over the weekend. 

Then the first week of January the storms continue to the North.  Previous forecast model runs suggested some bigger storms coming down into Tahoe.  The most recent runs show a similar pattern as next week.  The teleconnections are still not favorable for an onslaught of storms yet, but they are looking like they could switch going into January.

For now at least the pattern is changing and the storm track is moving closer.  Stay tuned...BA

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