Monday, December 19, 2011

A Little Action Possible Next Week....

Although it has become apparent that the big snow action will hold off until January that doesn't mean we won't see any weather. 

There is another shot of cold air coming in for Thursday but it won't be as strong as some of the other shots this month.  It will only knock us down into the 30's for a day before we bounce back into the 40's through the weekend and into next week.

Next week the storm activity in the Pacific NW looks like it is really going to pick up.  The storms will be not that far to our North so it won't take much for the ridge off the coast to shift back slightly and allow a storm to dip into California.

The forecast models are showing the possibility that the storm hitting the Pacific NW next Thursday could dip far enough South to bring in a little storm.  It would not be a big storm but it could bring a few inches of snow to whiten the slopes again.  We will have to watch this over the next week.

The bigger story still looks to be as we go into January.  The forecast models continue to show a possible bigger storm just after the New Year.  The teleconnections are showing that the first half of January could have quite a bit of cold pushing into the West Coast along with increased storminess.  BA

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