Friday, December 23, 2011

Waitig on the Snow for Next Week

The forecast models continue to show the possibility for some snow the middle of next week. The storm activity will greatly increase over the Pacific NW next week and we will watch for some of the storms to dip far enough South to bring us snow.

For now the temperatures continue to stay plenty cold enough to make snow and we continue to expand the terrain.  There is a series of storms hitting the Pacific NW next week and the one for Wednesday looks like it could come further South and bring a few inches of snow to the mountain.  We will have to continue to track this storm.

After that the storms continue just to our North.  We may see another one come close to the area New Years weekend and then a couple of storms the first week of January.  The teleconnection patterns are not favorable yet for an onslaught of big storms into CA.  We may see that change in January.  Until then we will continue to monitor the storms for next week and how much snow they may be able to sneak in here.  BA

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