Saturday, December 10, 2011

Some Natural Snow This Week?

There is a storm coming down the coast tomorrow that will stay to our West but will bring another shot of cold air.  We have not been in short supply of cold air and that has combined with the large snowmaking system to create lots of snow.  We have been able to open lots of trails that otherwise would not be open.

It is looking more likely now that the next storm on Thursday will bring us at least some snow.  The storm will move in over the Pacific NW on Wednesday and then slide South.  This time it looks like it will be further East and will come down over the Sierra or just East.  If the current models pan out and the storm comes down over the Sierra we could pick up 3-6 inches of snow.

The ridge continues to try and build back in off the coast next weekend and into the following week.  The storms however will be getting stronger and will try to take advantage of any retrogression or flattening of the ridge.  We could see some more small storms sneak in.

We will continue to monitor the pattern for a breakthrough of the Westerlies and some big storms to finally start hitting the West Coast.  Stay tuned....BA

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