Friday, December 9, 2011

More Cold and Another Miss

We have seen quite a few splitting storms already this Fall and we will see one again this weekend.  There has not been a shortage of cold especially at night to keep the snowmaking going.  We will see another reinforcing shot of cold on Sunday as the next cold trough makes it way down the coast.

This trough will split as well with the low spinning down the coast and then coming inland to our South on Monday.  It's another miss by a splitting storm and cut-off low down the coast to our West.  We did pick up unexpected snow with the last cut-off low as it jumped inland at the last second.  That is always a possibility with these storms.

The next chance at a little snow is a storm coming inland to our North the middle of next week.  The forecast models are still varying with the track of this storm but it looks like it will stay mostly to our North.  We could pick up a little light snow on the South side of the storm, and it will bring another shot of cold air. 

As long as it stays cold the terrain will expand and eventually we will get some natural snow.  Earlier this week it looked like the pattern could shift with the ridge off the coast flattening around the 18th and beyond.  The pattern is beginning to slow down a little which will allow the ridge to continue to build further North a little longer.

Right now it looks like we may just be delayed a few days as the storms could start to move in around the 21st.  Right now the pattern is not looking to setup for a long stretch of snowy weather.  That is the pattern that is expected to take over towards the end of the month and into January.  We'll just have to keep watching, keep the snow dances going.  BA

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