Sunday, December 11, 2011

Snow Still On Track...

With the dry conditions over the past couple of weeks the light snow coming on Thursday seems like a big deal.  A cold front moved through today bringing a reinforcing shot of cold air which will just lengthen the amount of hours in a day that snowmaking can continue.

Finally on Thursday as the next cold front comes in we will see some light snowfall.  The forecast model runs from today were still showing around 3-6 inches of snowfall and then some more cold air behind the storm going into the weekend.

This is not the big dump of snow that we are looking for but it will be nice to see some natural snow fall on top of all the man-made snow.  As we go into the following week things look to get more active in the Pacific NW.  As long as storms are coming onshore up there some of the storms could drop in a little further South and bring us snow.

Looking long-term it looks like as we go towards the end of the month and into January blocking could begin to form near Alaska.  That would suppress the jetstream further South and could finally mean a breakthrough of the Westerlies.  Stay tuned....BA 

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