Friday, December 2, 2011

Snowmaking Is King....

As high pressure off the West Coast continues to push the storm track up into Alaska and Canada we will have to rely on the snow guns a little longer.  We are thankful that we have the largest snowmaking system in North Lake Tahoe to help us keep expanding terrain while we wait on Mother Nature. 

Looking at the forecast models that pattern looks to cotinue for another week or two.  In the meantime we will continue to get shots of cold and in between have seasonal temperatures. Those shots of cold will keep the snowpack in place and allow for continued snowmaking operations and terrain expansion.

This week the final Winter forecast came out from  They continue to show us getting above average snowfall for the season even with the late start.  It is not uncommon in Tahoe, especially in a La Nina year, for the snowfall to not really kick in until closer to Christmas. That should be the case this season.  We should see the snowfall begin to pick up as we get past mid-month and hed into true Winter. 

My forecast for the season in Tahoe based on the history of La Ninas with similar strengths to this one is that we will pick up around 105% of average snowfall.  Northstar California averages 350 inches of snow per season which is still a nice amount of snow for any resort. 

With slightly above average snowfall expected this season it could mean we break the 400 inch mark for the 4th season in a row.  Although we are off to a slow start here in December it will come soon enough.  BA

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