Sunday, December 4, 2011

More Cold to Start the Week....

Over the past week we have had a ridge of high pressure off the coast directing all storms to our North.  The ridge has been far enough off the coast however to allow cold air trough to dig South from Canada into the Western United States.  We would love some snow but the cold has allowed for continued snowmaking.

We will have another shot of cold air pushing in on Monday with nother cold air trough digging into the West.  High temperatures in the 30's on Monday will rebound back into the 40's on Tuesday and through the rest of the week as the coldest air moves East.  Nighttime temps will still stay cold.

We are waiting for ridge off the coast blocking the storms to shift Westward in the Pacific allowing the storms to come down the West Coast.  Looking out to next weekend and beyond it looks like the ridge will shift back slightly in the Pacific allowing storms to come down closer to the coast.  That will bring down more cold, but also a better chance at some snow as the closer to the coast the more moisture that can be drawn in off the ocean.

Looking at the jetstream forecast, this week it is being pushed way up and over the ridge towards Alaska.  Next weekend the jetstream flattens and takes a more direct aim towards the West Coast.  Right now it looks like going into week 2 the snow storms will increase to our North in the Pacific NW with some chances of light snow making it down here.  As we go later into the month the jetstream and track of the storms should come further South. 

Until then plenty of cold for snowmaking.  BA

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