Monday, December 12, 2011

Snowguns Getting The Work Done...

We were hoping for a little snowfall here on Thursday to break the natural snow drought we have going on currently. Like a lot of the storms over the past few weeks this one is now trending further East and may not bring much if any snow on Thursday with the cold front.  The good news is more cold air for continued Snowmaking. 

Next week the pattern to our North up into the Pacific NW looks like it will become more active. That will give us the chance of getting a little light snowfall if the ridge pulls away from the coast the middle of next week and a storm can sneak in.

The pattern across the Pacific has had a strong East Asian jetstream extending into the Western Pacific. That has helped to keep pumping the ridge in the Eastern Pacific. As we head into the Winter the La Nina should cause the jetstream to weaken and retract allowing the ridge off the coast to retrograde Westward. That would allow the trough to build back into the Eastern Pacific an open the storm door.

For now we just have to wait for the pattern to shift. As we go later into the month the pattern should become more active as the ridge begins to flatten. Then hopefully we see the ridge shift Westward. Stay tuned for updates.....BA

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