Monday, December 5, 2011

Keep Spraying....

We are lucky in this dry pattern that we at least have had plenty of cold air. Temps at night in the valleys have been dipping into the single digits. Northstar continues to expand the terrain while the other resorts wait on mother nature. That will continue to be the case this week as things stay quiet with the blocking ridge of high pressure anchored off the coast blocking us from storms.

As we go into the weekend and next week the pattern starts to move a little. It still looks like we won't see much snow next week but the ridge in the Pacific will begin to move around and let some storms into the Pacific NW.

This weekend the ridge will back up enough to allow the next cold shot to come down a little further West allowing the chance of a little bit of moisture to be picked up off the ocean creating some light snow.

Next week the ridge is still close enough to the coast to prevent any big storms but it looks like some decent snow will make it in to our North by the end of the week.

The big changes look to possiblly begin the week of the 19th right before Christmas as the ridge shifts further West in the Pacific. It also looks like the stronger jetstream will flatten it creating more of a zonal flow across the ocean. That will give the storms a more direct shot at the West Coast.

We will continue to watch the pattern change and watch for the first sign of a return to natural snow. BA

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