Thursday, December 8, 2011

07/08 All Over Again?

That season we didn't see much snow at all in the Fall, even less than this year.  Then in January we started with a superstorm right after New Year's and it didn't stop snowing for 2 months.  This is another La Nina year of similar strength.

We will have rely on the snow guns for at least another 10 days, but at least we have plenty of them blowing lots of snow on the mountain.  We will see a litle light snow on Sunday as the next cold front pushes down the coast from Canada, but nothing more than a dusting.

We have a chance at some more light snow next Wednesday as a storm hits the Pacific NW and we get the South side of the storm.  We will have to watch and see how far South the precip comes, but it looks pretty light right now.  With the cold air from both storms there will be plenty of good snowmaking conditions.

It would be nice to get some bigger storms but right now they look to hold off until at least the 18th. The pattern looks to get more progressive which could help in flattening the ridge off the coast and bringing the storms further South down the coast from the Pacific NW. This could happen the week leading up to Christmas.

We will have to continue monitoring this over the next week. Some of the models suggest that the pattern could stay slow enough to allow the ridge off the coast to build far enough North to keep the storms just to our North. The other models suggest a Southward shift of the jetstream bringing a return of stormy weather beginning around the 18th. BA

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