Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Storm Update....

Another taste of Winter is upon us. We have several days starting tomorrow of cold and snowy weather. The cold is going to outrank the snow with these storms as it will feel like mid-winter. 

The first storm will arrive tomorrow afternoon.  The latest models show the main low staying a bit further off the coast today.  That means that the moisture will be a little less and the push over the Western Sierra crest will not be as strong.  But with the cold temperatures the moisture that does fall will be fluffed and will accumulate more than it would with warmer temps.

Right now it looks like around 1-3 inches in the Village, 2-4 inches at mid-mountain, and 3-6+ inches up top.  The snow will taper off on Friday but it will stay cold into the weekend with highs only in the 30's and lows in the teens.  That means that snowmaking should continue.

The next storm is very similar to the first and should arrive Saturday night into Sunday.  I am expecting the same snow amounts with this second storm.  That means total 4 day accumulations of 6-12 inches at the summit and 3-6 inches in the Village.

We warm a little to start next week as another storm approaches by mid-week.  Right now it looks as if this storm is going to split with a piece dropping down off the coast and the other staying to our North.  We will have to monitor the track over the next few days as a few model runs suggested the storm stays together and brings us some more snow.

After that things look to get milder and quieter as we head towards mid-month.  The cold trough will move into the East and the ridge will build back in off the coast keeping storms up into Canada.  Stay tuned for updates....BA

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