Sunday, November 21, 2010

Almost Halfway Done.....

Northstar picked up another 24-32 inches overnight bringing the 2 day total to 3 feet at the base and 4 feet on top. We are just about halfway through the 4 day storm cycle now.

Snow showers will continue today and taper off in the afternoon. Another wave is diving down the coast that will bring another round of snow for tonight into Monday morning. Could see another 6-12 inches in the Village and 12-18 inches on top by Monday afternoon.

Final wave for Tuesday is looking like a good one. Could bring another 1-2 feet to the mountain. Will have to watch the exact track over the next day or so. Total 4 day accumulations are on track to reach 4-5 feet at the base and 6-7+ feet on top by Tuesday afternoon.

A nice Thanksgiving weekend with cold nights and mild days. Storms don't stay away for long though as there is a storm moving in for next Sunday and the snow levels start below lake level. Chances for storms continue that week. BA

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