Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Quick Break...

Update 4 p.m.:

Still on track. Snow will pick up now for the rest of the evening. Heavy snow overnight into Sunday. Additional accumulations of 1-2 feet at the base & 2-3 feet on top.

The models today have been trending West with the Tuesday storm which means more snow. We could see 6-12 inches of additional snow Sunday night through Monday with wave 3, and if the track stays West for wave 4 another 1-2 feet on Tuesday. That would put Sierra at 3.5-5 feet at the base and 5-7 feet on top by Wednesday. Stay tuned as we track waves 3 & 4 for Monday and Tuesday.

From This Morning:

Cold front went through overnight and dropped 15-16 inches on the mountain and it looks like around a foot in the Village. A quick break this morning before the main storm moves in this afternoon.

Now that the temps have dropped the snowfall rates will double the rest of the weekend. Whatever you got overnight you should get twice that tonight into Sunday. Looking for 1-2 additional feet in the Village and 2-3 feet mid-mountain on up.

There are still 2 more waves coming down the coast for Sunday night and Monday night that could drop several more inches. That should put the total storm accumulations at 2-3+ feet in the Village and 3-5+ feet mid-mountain on up by Tuesday. How much snow falls with these two waves is still in question depending on their track.

We dry out for the Thanksgiving holiday before more storms come knocking on the door the week after. BA

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