Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Storm Update

First wave of moisture out of three moved in overnight. Most of the moisture got held up along the Western crest. Got about and inch at the bottom and 2 on top overnight, and the snow is still falling. This first wave of moisture should last through the morning.

The next wave of moisture will be right behind the first, moving in this afternoon and lasting into Saturday morning. Models have another .25-.5 inches of liquid with this one. Should see another 3-6 inches by tomorrow morning, giving us a total of 4-8 inches with the first systems.
Third wave of moisture moves in by Saturday afternoon. This is the big part of the storm with a moist jet extending all the way across the Pacific. You can see this nicely this morning on satellite to the North of Hawaii. Still not 100 percent confidence in the exact location of the strongest part of the jetstream coming into the Sierra. Looking like at the minimum 1.5-2 inches of additional liquid. That would translate to 18-24 inches at the base and 24-30 inches above 7000 ft. Let's start there and then adjust based on the location of the jetstream. Could be higher amounts if the strongest portion of the jet comes over Tahoe.  Heaviest snow ends Sunday but snow showers could linger into Sunday night.

See previous posts for long range ideas....BA

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