Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Buzz, Buzz.......

Lot's more people in the weather world buzzing about the potential for big storms next week. I like to talk about weather weeks in advance but that is a risk because it can change so easily. Confidence grows when others jump on board with the forecast. The NWS can see weather patterns far out, but they won't say much until about a week away when the picture is more clear. A good sign today is that they put out an online briefing on the pattern change coming.

Not much to say since yesterday. Models having a bit of disagreement about how cold it gets this weekend and when the onslaught of precip begins. Some have it starting as early as Sunday and other hold off on the heavy stuff till Wed. Either way confidence is growing in the forecast for lots of snow next week. Snow levels can't be forecasted this far out with accuracy, but I know it is on the mind of those of you experienced with big storms. This morning it looks as if the snow levels start below lake level and then rise as bigger storms come onshore, then they fall as the storm moves through. Looking at the possibility of several consecutive areas of low pressure coming onshore throughout next week without a break so this could happen all week. Still I don't see snow levels getting much above 7000 ft. at their highest so lets hope that is the case or even colder.

Not less than 5 days away yet, so still in that window where things could change. Keep your fingers crossed. I will be having some time constraints for the next week due to my day job, so I just plan to give quick detail updates if there are any changes. Meanwhile, all we can do now is wait........BA

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