Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday P.M. Post.......

I know that everyone is extremely antsy for any flakes to fall, including myself, so I will be posting more often until we can get some snow.

No change in storm outlook for Wed-Thurs other than that model runs today want to have lingering moisture stick around thru Friday. Still looking at about 6 inches above 8000 ft.

Sun-Mon. storm continuing to look colder farther West. It could actually be quite cold out by Monday. This is also a wetter scenario. Latest models now have .5-1.0 inches of liquid which would be around 6-12 inches or more with higher snow ratios. We will have to keep watching this.

Everyone keeps asking about the BIG storm. I wouldn't dare say yet then be wrong. Models have no consistency. But keep an eye on next weekend for a cold storm with decent moisture. I'm looking for the ridge to build out at 150-160w, the magic spot. Some model runs showing this the first week of Feb. This would make sense given the atmospheric pattern. All eyes on the first week of Feb. BA

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