Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cold and Snow Showers Continue

Northstar picked up another 4 inches last night.  Cold air also showed up and it will stick around through Friday.

Snow showers will fire up again tonight and into Thursday.  Not expecting more than an inch or two over the next 36 hours from the snow showers.

Over the weekend and into the beginning of next week nice weather will return as the ridge builds in.  A cut-off low will spin off the coast helping to bring in the warmer temps, but eventually it will move inland bringing colder air and snow.

Right now it looks like the storm will push inland next Wednesday bringing the chance for several inches for snow.  More interesting is the next storm that helps to push the first storm inland.  This storm could arrive next Friday and it looks like it could have a lot more moisture.  We may still have another storm to go where we measure in feet.  BA

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