Sunday, January 8, 2012

Still A Chance for Storms Next Week

The storm and cold front moving in from the Northwest on Tuesday is now going to split. That will keep the weather quiet this week but will cool the temperatures into the 40's. Overnight lows will be colder as well this week with better snowmaking conditions.

All eyes are on next week as the pattern is shifting in a way over the Pacific this week that could lead to big storms next week. The ridge that has been sitting off the coast for the past month will be moving North and then reforming up near Alaska. The big question is where will it be next week.

We would like to see the ridge to the South and East of the Aleutian Islands which would push the storm track down into CA and allow cold to come in from the North as well. The forecast models are putting the ridge anywhere from just South of the Aleutians, to over Alaska, or over the Bering Sea.

If the ridge is over the Bering Sea that would be a little too far North and West and the storm track would most likely stay just to our North. Over Alaska or further South the storms could come right into CA and we could pick up several storms with some good snow next week.

The forecast models continue to go back and forth on the final solution which is normal when there is a big pattern change coming. We will continue to watch this week to see what my happen. We should have a much better idea by the end of the week. BA

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