Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Few Flakes on Wednesday and Colder

The ridge of high pressure off the coast will begin to move North on Tuesday which will allow colder air to dig South through the area from the North.  As the cold front goes through on Wednesday we may see a few snow showers.  Not expecting more than a dusting right now. 

High temperaturs will only be in the 40's on Wednesday with some colder nigth time temps in the 20's.  Then the pattern over the Pacific continues to change and the storms get jammed up for the end of the week.  That will return the nice weather and highs in the 40's on the mountain. 

A ridge is going to form in the North Pacific next weekend and the placement is crtitical.  Too far West and the storms could stay to our North, too far East and we could get a lot of precip but with high snow levels.  If it sets up just right out around 160w we get a train of snowstorms through the third week of January. 

We have been watching for a pattern change to start this week and it will.  Stay tuned as we watch how things develop this week.  Things could be a lot more interesting by this time next week.  BA

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