Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow Level Will Drop Overnight

We picked up 4 inches Thursday night from storm number one, and storm number two is now ready to push through.

Snow levels came up ahead of the storm for Friday night.  As the cold front approaches around midnight the snow levels will fall back down to the Village.  Snow showers will continue in the wake of the storm through the day on Saturday.  By Saturday night we should have 6-12 inches at the base and 1-2 feet at the summit.

After a break in the action Saturday night into Sunday there is a colder storm that will move in by Sunday night.  This storm will bring snow through the day on Monday.  Snowfall total with this storm look to be around 1-2 feet on the mountain.

After that it looks like we will have some quite weather to finish out the week.  Snow totals in the morning.  Stay tuned.  BA

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