Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Big Cold on the Way....

We have a cold trough diving down from the North into the Western half of the country on Wednesday.  This is a dry track for storms but it will make it feel a lot like Winter outside.

The good news is that the high temperatures will only be in the 20's by Thursday allowing for around the clock snowmaking.  That will allow for lots of terrain expansion over the next several days.

There will be more shots of cold and chances for a little light snow over the next two weeks.  For now we will have to rely on snowmaking as the pattern has a huge high pressure stuck off the West coast blocking storms.  It still looks like the pattern may change around mid-month. 

Some of the long-range models are showing the storm door beginning to open around mid-month.  Once it does there should be quite a bit of snowfall going into the Winter.  There is more details on the long-range forecast below.  BA

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