Thursday, February 10, 2011

No Hype Here......

There is a lot of snow and cold coming over the next couple of weeks as we get stuck in a long wave trough pattern instead of ridge pattern. A reminder that my snowfall predictions are always conservative based on what I see in the models.

There is not much change since yesterday so there isn't really that much to go over today. The only change is that the storm for Tuesday is slowing slightly and may not start until during the day. The slowing will also allow the storm to dig a little further which means it will be able to pick up a bit more moisture off the Pacific and the cold will come further South. The GFS shows this nicely on the 12z run with 2-4 feet of snow by Thursday.

My prediction stands at 2-4 feet by Saturday to stay on the conservative side and because the track of the second wave rotating around the low is in question. The trough may dig far enough South that the second batch of heavy snow Thursday & Friday may aim the best dynamics to our South, but we will still get snow. If the track stays further North then we could be adding a couple more feet.

President's weekend we will be in the wake of the storms and the amount of cold unstable air we are left with will keep things unsettled. We could see off and on snow showers through the weekend. The pattern is still forecasted to reload as another strong low takes its place in the Northeast Pacific for ski week. That should rotate in several more cold storms and significant accumulations.

Stay tuned.......BA

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