Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fine Tuning.........

I guess the word is out on the storm because the number of readers tripled yesterday. The NWS did put out a special weather statement on the "potential" for significant snowfall this weekend. Other weather outlets are hinting at "several feet" possible. They see the models showing 5 feet one day and 2 the next but they will be very general until the day before.

I like to have more fun than that so I'll throw out numbers 3-4 days before a storm. I figure that most of you aren't running computer models all day at your house, so I like to tell you what I see. I also figure you don't want to read a bunch of technical terms you can't understand, you just want the the good stuff. Normally I'll start with a huge range like yesterday of 18 inches - 5 feet. Then we can narrow it down as the storm gets closer. I think the fun of tracking storms is seeing them a few weeks out and then seeing what actually happens.

Not much change today other than most models are slowing the initial cold front and the start of the snow until Friday night. Other than that 2 inches of liquid would still be middle ground between the models. That would be 1-2 feet in the Village and over 3 feet above 7500 ft. The Euro is showing a little less this morning and the GFS a little more. It will be up and down a little until we get closer.

Looks like we may sneak another storm in the weekend after Thanksgiving to end the month. Stay tuned.......BA

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