Monday, March 22, 2010

Old Man Winter Sill Awake........

Storm door is open, but the storm track is just to our North this week. Temps will be back to normal though with highs in the 40's on the mountain. The Thursday and Sunday storms will come close enough to bring clouds and wind, possibly a flake. Coldest days this week will be Tuesday and Friday behind the storms.

All models have been in consensus for several days that the storm track drops into Northern CA next week bringing us at least a week of several cold storms. By the first weekend in April it may look a lot more like winter outside than it does right now. This will be our final push to get the resort to it's normal annual snowfall. The MJO, which was thought to be dead for the winter, continues to stay somewhat moderate in strength as it cycles around towards the maritimes and then the Western Pacific. This could put the one last kick in the jet we need. Stay tuned...BA

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