Saturday, March 20, 2010

Back in Business........

Sorry for the lack of posts the last few days. Not much going on weather wise and I had some business to attend to. Today is the first day of spring and a good day to get back into the weather.

All blocking over the Pacific and the Atlantic is pretty much gone now, and the storm door is open. Problem is that now we have to deal with a weaker jetstream that is further North which is common going into Spring. The ridge that has kept us warm the past few days will move off to our East cooling us down about 10 degrees tomorrow and Monday. Hope everyone enjoyed their week of early spring.

The Pacific NW will begin to get hit with storms every other day or so starting on Monday. The storms for Monday and Thursday will stay to our north, but cool us down temp wise. Highs in the 40's on the mountain will dip into the 30's on Tuesday and again Friday behind the cold fronts. About 10 degrees warmer at lake level.

By next weekend it looks as if the ridge in the Eastern Pacific will become a bit flatter and retrograde Westward a bit allowing the storms to dip a bit further South. This will get Northern CA in on the storms going into the following week. Looks like March may end and April may begin on a cold and snowy note. We will be in a bit of a La Nina type pattern to start April with the storms coming in cold from the North. I see no reason why the storms would stop coming other than the jetstream eventually weakening and shutting off as we go through April.

So after a springlike week it is back to normal temps for this time of year, and then maybe below average temps with snow for the following week. BA

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