Saturday, January 16, 2010

Batten Down the Hatches......

Storm train still on track to arrive tomorrow afternoon. A wave of moisture will move onshore about every 24 hours through Friday. There will be periods of heavier snow and lighter snow throughout the week, but it may not completely stop snowing until Saturday. Below is the new map of the total liquid by the end of the day Saturday from this morning's GFS model. Just multiply the snow ratio (inches of snow:inches of liquid) by the liquid inches on the map to get the amount of feet. Snow ratios will average around 12:1 at lake level and 15:1 above 7000 ft. to start the week, then could go higher towards 15:1 at lake level and 20:1 above 7000 ft. as it gets colder through the week. Using this map that would be 4-5 feet in the village, with 5-6+ feet above 7000 ft. by next Saturday.

There are mores storms lined up for next weekend into the following week. After a brief break on Saturday we could be in for several more storms from Sunday into the middle of the following week as the jetstream stays aimed at CA.....BA

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