Monday, January 18, 2010

Round 2......

First wave moved through Sunday Afternoon/Evening. This was a weak wave that didn't have much moisture.  Northstar is reporting 5-6 inches since yesterday morning.

Round 2 will be much bigger than round 1. The strong storm for Monday is moving in as we speak. The snow should be falling over the area by noon and become heavy by this evening. Looking for 12-18 inches in the village, with 18-24 inches above 7000 ft. by Tuesday morning.

There will be a break again Tuesday morning before another storm moves in Tuesday afternoon. This storm won't be as strong but could drop another foot, especially with the colder temps and higher snow ratios. Still two more storms for Wednesday night and Thursday night that could drop a couple more feet. It is hard to pin exact snow amounts because the storms are so close together. Stay tuned as each morning I will put out a final forecast for that night's storm.

Snow may not completely end until Saturday with totals of 4-6 feet on the mountain. There is disagreement among the models on the next storm moving in over the weekend. It looks as if we will have a break on Saturday and Sunday before the next storm moves in Sunday night. This may set off another stretch of storms hitting the West Coast going into the following weekend. Looking at the position of the jet and the teleconnection patterns, it appears that this pattern could continue into the third week....BA

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