Sunday, December 13, 2009

What a week!

Northstar is reporting 28" in the past 24 hours and 43" since Thursday night! The storm is moving to our East but a moist flow behind it should keep snow showers going today with 3-6 inches of additional accumulation. That should put Northstar at around 4 feet for 3 day totals, and around 7 feet this week!

Short break tomorrow before a storm carrying subtropical moisture moves in on Tuesday and could last into Thursday. The flow will be from Southwest to Northeast across Northern CA. The question is how far East does the jetstream set up. Current models showing between 1-2" of liquid over Tahoe. This will also be a warm storm with the moist subtropical flow. Snow levels will start below lake level, but may rise above lake level on Wednesday. Don't think they get much higher than just above lake level so the resort should see all snow. It will be a heavy wet snow, with another 1-2 feet possible.  Will have to watch the models the next 24 hours and hopefully have a better idea on totals tomorrow.

Starting next weekend we may be in for a repeat of the past two weeks, with cold air coming in Christmas week followed by a break through of the jetstream with multiple storms starting around Christmas.....BA

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