Friday, December 4, 2009

"It's Rolling Round the Bend"....

Some Johnny Cash lyrics seemed perfect for our situation. Quick post on detail changes today. Refer to posts from the previous few day for details.

Today it is looking like it will be even colder behind the front on Monday. Highs only in the teens all the way down to lake level. This will set up very high snow ratios for the snow that will fall on Monday. Liquid totals are only .5 - .75 inches, but with snow ratios as high as 25 - 30:1 we could see 1-2 feet of very dry Rockies style powder by Tuesday.

A couple of storms still on track to affect us Wednesday through Sunday. Latest models have slightly less precip but still plenty. This could be a good thing because the snow levels currently look to only peak around 6500 ft. Too early to look at snow amounts but we should be measuring it with yard sticks.

See below for more details and timing and stay tuned for the latest on the pattern change to dumping!! More detailed forecast tomorrow....BA

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