Friday, August 7, 2009

The Thaw & The Hype......

Still can't see the top of Mt. Rose yet this morning. It's socked in with clouds. I doubt the snow accumulated at all or if it did it melted quickly. I drove over Mt. Rose last night around dinner time & it was 36 degrees with snow pellets at the summit. According to the news on the way to work this morning it was 32 degrees in Truckee, I haven't checked the official low yet.

We will warm back up the next couple days & be back in the 80's by next week. Long-range models show another possible storm 7-10 days from now. We will have to wait & see if this is a continuing pattern. I hope to collect the last of the firewood I need this weekend.

There has been a lot of hype already around the area. I've heard people talking about a huge year because of El Nino. I have done some hyping on this site & I am optomistic of our chances for a good year. However, let's try & stay grounded, at least that's what I'll try on this site. We have to remember to attribute the weather to what actually causes it & not just blame everything on some key phrase on the media like "El Nino". El Nino will be a big player in our weather this season, but not the only one. Remember that this El Nino is weak right now & may not get stronger than briefly moderate. And history has shown that in Northern CA we are evenly split 50/50 between above & below avg. precip during mild & moderate El Nino years. It's SoCal that is usually a lock for above normal. We are usually only a lock if the El Nino is strong which is a long shot right now. There are other factors though that could tilt our chances towards above average, but those won't be clear until later. So continue to be optomistic, but don't get too swept up in the hype, stick to the facts. BA

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Skye said...

WHAT'S HAPPENING HERE? This weather isn't meant for August. How long will it keep up. Will it keep up?