Monday, July 13, 2009

A Sad Event For Long Range Forecasting....

Ed Berry from the NWS has decided to discontinue his global weather discussion blog, "Atmospheric Insights", due to time constraints with new research he is working on. This is sad news for many long range forcasters including this long range forecaster. Ed's research on global patterns & their affect on upcoming US weather were some of the best & most accurate. His analysis of global patterns was a big help in forming forecasts for our area a month or two out without using computer models. I hope to have learned enough from his research to continue to use some of his techniques in upcoming forecasts during the winter season. There are other scientists studying the global patterns & their affect on our weather, but Ed Berry is one of the best. I hope to see him back writing again in the future.

I have been looking into El Nino & it's impact on our upcoming winter. Right now there is not an official El Nino. ONI has to be above .5 degrees for three months to be classified by the NWS as El Nino, & the last three months were only .2 degrees. I hope to post within the next week an analysis of El Nino & how it can affect our upcoming winter. Stay tuned.......BA

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Tim said...

That's too bad to hear about Ed Berry's decision to discontinue his blog. I tried to read it a few times was over my head currently, so I always appreciated your interpretation and simplification for the rest of us!

Keep up the good work and thanks so much!