Monday, July 6, 2009

NYC Identical June Weather....

Being that the majority of my family lives on the East Coast, I have gotten quite a few phone calls in June asking when the cold & rain would let up. I thought it was ironic that they were having the same weather we were. The rule is usually that they are having the opposite weather as the West Coast, especially during the winter.

I took a look at a NWS posting for NYC on the month of June. It was the coldest average temp. since 1958, #8 all time. First time since 1916 that they didn't break 85 degrees during the month. It was also the 2nd wettest June on record with over 10" of rain. A lot of the cold was coming out of Canada which has had some record breaking cold this spring.

I thought I'd mention it since their cold & wet was so similar to ours this June. The month of June started snowy with some late season snow overnight into the 1st day of June in the mountains of the NorthEast, some are hinting at a winter of 76' there. That would mean a great year for their ski areas. BA


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the great posts, they are awesome.

I recall you posting at the beginning of summer that conditions were matching up to those seen prior to the winter of 51-52, and that it could be a sign of the winter to come. I was just wondering if you have seen anything to suggest one way or another. Any updates?

BA said...

Not much has changed since then. That was just to show the analog that best matches is for that year. Definitely would not forecast that right now. I would be crucified if I predicted 70 feet of snow & it didn't happen. El Nino is strengthening though & that should be good for us.