Monday, April 6, 2009

Not A Beach Week......

Nice weather again today with temps near 50 on the mtn. & near 60 in town, with Southerly winds developing ahead of the cut-off low wobbling off the CA coast.

The storm should finally begin to move inland on Tuesday with snow starting around Tuesday afternoon/evening & lasting into the day on Wed. The snow levels look to be around lake level or slightly lower. The storm wants to split as it comes onshore so the heaviest precip will be North & South of Tahoe. Total liquid looks to be .25 - .5 inches so 3-6 inches of snow on the mountains by Wed. afternoon is how it looks right now. It will snow in town, but with the high sun angle thru the clouds & the temps with the storm staying above freezing during the day I wouldn't expect much accumulation, only at night or on the grass.

Not much break before the next storm storm moves in Wed. night & could last into Saturday morning. It now looks as if the storm will slide down the CA coast instead of move inland over Central CA. This will keep the snow light, but if the storm shifts inland a little it could increase the snow. This storm will be similar to the first storm with the same snow levels & snow amounts. So right now we are looking at light snow off & on from Tuesday afternoon into Sat. morning with a total of 6-12 inches on the mountains, possibly more in some locations, especially on the crest. Temps will be around freezing or slightly above on the mtn. so the snow will be light on top & thick on the bottom.

A nice weekend with cool temps in the 40's before another storm could dive in & bring another dose of light snow for Tues/Wed. of next week. After that it looks like the storm track may shift to our North for a few days. I think we may get more storms thereafter, but most of the resorts will be closing.

If anyone has been keeping track as I have, the sun has been extremely quiet the past year & now seismic & volcanic activity has been increasing. There are studies that suggest this is an effect of the inactive sun. All of this phenomenon normally leads to a period of global cooling. Could be interesting. BA


Anonymous said...

In response to the end bit about the sun: is this good or bad news? I'm sure we'd like something to slow global warming, and cold air would be great for light powdery snow. But won't cooler ocean temps mean less moister for us?

BA said...

I left that part out, didn't want to depress anyone. Yes, a cold ocean means less snow. The earth actually hasn't warmed since 1998, & has cooled the past 2 years. Global warming is not happening, it's a theory proved only by injecting water vapor into computer models over a long period of time, and from watching the weather we all know computer models are accurate no more than 5 days out, so I'm wondering why people believe what they show 100 years out. I just watch what is actually happening in the atmoshphere, & right now that is cooling & it looks to continue given the current conditions.

Anonymous said...

If we say global warming is not occurring then how do we explain the breaking of the ice caps, melting of glaciers, and disappearance of species which have been credited to climate change? I'm not saying I don't believe you, you always seem to be honest and accurate. I'm just curious.

BA said...

from what i have been reading sea ice has been growing the past couple years. Back in Jan. total global ice was at the same level as 1979. That was because the antarctic was growing so large. The arctic is still below average but new ice this year was at record growth, so i think we will see it continue to increase.

Ice melt has been blamed on the warm ocean cycles, not temps. There is a direct correlation to earth temps & the sun activity. CO2 has never had a correlation until by chance it did from the 70's-90's, but also the sun was very active then too.

Here are a couple cool links.

These are just a few of hundreds of articles I have read. I'm trying to put links to them all on another blog. Let me know what you think.

Anonymous said...

Seems really interesting, and the evidence is compelling. But its difficult trusting small time websites like these. I'm sure you could make the case that major media is just being controlled and so are unwilling to report on this. But can I trust the sources for these sites or their writers?

BA said...

I do have articles & papers from pretty prestigious scientists, did you see the bottom link from the U.S. Senate website, that is not a small website. That article has 700 scientists that have at least a phd in some sort of earth science from all over the world.

I'm not saying who is right, it is all theory, but with some of the stuff I've read it has changed my mind. I can see a lot of money in it for govt. & many scientists can only get grant money if they research what the govt. wants them too. That may be the bias people see, but I just hope everyone reads all the evidence before getting alarmed. Cap & trade is going to cost us all a lot of money, money that maybe we should spend on cleaning up trash & waterways, or world hunger & cleaning up crime?