Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Last Hurrah?

The storm is currently coming onshore by San Francisco. The clouds should continue to increase & the snow should start to fall by this evening. The heavier band of snow on the North side of the storm looks to set up to our North near Lassen, & the jetstream coming under the storm looks to set up to our South near Mammoth. These areas look to pick up over a foot of snow by Wed. night. In the middle here in Tahoe we will get a band of snow tonight as the storm crosses the area, with a break tomorrow morning & possibly another band tomorrow afternoon as the storm exits. Total liquid looks to be .25 - .5 inches so 3-6 inches of snow on the mountains by Wed. afternoon is how it looks right now. If the storm shifts South we may get some more snow than expected. It will snow in town, but with the high sun angle thru the clouds & the temps with the storm staying above freezing during the day I wouldn't expect much accumulation, only at night or on the grass.

A bit of a break Wed. night into Thursday morning before the next storm moves in, but it may continue to snow lightly at times. This next storm will slide down the CA coast & we will only get light snow on the East side of the storm. A slight shift in the track to the East would increase our snowfall. Snow showers may last into Sat. morning. Total liquid looks to be around 1/4" right now so 3" on the mtn. possibly a little more. 6-12 inches on the mtn. in total by Saturday, but that is with us in the unfavorable section of both storms so a slight shift in either storm could push that total higher.

A nice weekend with cool temps in the 40's as a storm hits the Pac. NW on Sun. & stays to our North. Another storm dives in Tuesday & could come far enough South to bring another dose of light snow for Tues/Wed. Yet another storm dives in on Thurs/Fri, but not sure yet if it comes this far South. After that it looks like the storm track may shift to our North for a while. Get out & enjoy the snow the next few days. This could be the last hurrah, & should put most resorts above average for snowfall on the season just before they close. These will be the best closing conditions in a few years. BA


Anonymous said...

So your suggesting going this weekend (Sunday and Monday for me) rather than next weekend (Friday)?

cindy w said...

I am so glad I discovered your blog at the beginning of this ski season. Your weather reports and commentary were insightful,and incredibly accurate and I loved the great amount of detail. I am now a devotee and hope you are back next year. Northstar is lucky to have you, as there's is the first sight I would hit every morning for your report. Thanks for a great season!