Monday, March 2, 2009

Update 5 P.M. Here We Go!

Snow levels sat around 6500 ft. all day. Cold front is currently coming thru and finally dropping snow levels to all valley floors.

As of this morning everyone had done pretty well yesterday up high for snow totals. Northstar picked up 16", & Sierra picked up 19". There wasn't any shadowing so the crest got about the same or even a little less. Northstar even picked up 5.5" at the base lodge at mid-mtn.

Snow showers will continue tonight. Another foot is possible on the mtn., and up to 6 inches in town.

Heavy snow showers should continue into Tuesday as the main low drifts South down the coast rotating in waves of moisture. The heaviest wave should arrive Tuesday night. Snow level will be around 5000 ft. which will up the snow ratios over Tahoe, especially over the higher elevations. By Wed. morning an additional 2 - 3 feet possible on the top of the mtn., with up to 2 feet in town. This would make it the snowiest 24 hours yet this season.

Snow showers will continue on Wed. before tapering off by the evening as the low drifts South pushing the moisture to our South. Snow totals by Wed. night look to be around 4 - 6 ft. on Northstar above 7000 ft, with up to 2+ feet in town, and the Western crest could see as much as 6 - 8 feet total at the highest peaks.

The models are still back & forth on what will happen with the main low off the coast and a storm sliding down the coast from Canada. Some models take the main low and shove it inland on Fri. with the chance of snow showers, especially to our South, then a low slides down the coast for Saturday with some cold snow. Others keep the low stalled off the coast till Sunday before coming in over SoCal. Hopefully it will sort out the next couple days, but a chance for snow exists Fri.-Sun.

Models are in agreement on a weak storm now for Monday that will bring cold air and some light snow showers. A much needed break may be in store for a few days starting mid-week as the ridge tries to move North towards the Gulf of Alaska. Sometimes this can push storms under the ridge with good moisture, but it doesn't look like that right now, just a break as storms slide inside of us. This pattern of inside sliders would keep us cold during the week. The the ridge should re-form back out in the Central Pacific allowing more storms to take aim by the end of week into the weekend. BA


alek said...

it would be great to start posting some pictures or graphical forecasts for those of us visual folks!

alek said...

also bryan, why did this storm have no shadowing? can you explain for us please? thanks so much.

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