Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sun. A.M.

Another 4 inches reported at Northstar overnight. Band of heavy snow that occured last night between 9-11 fell apart rather quickly as the low moved East into NV just to our North instead of sliding South. Another heavier band is just now forming over the area along the cold front. Snow showers should continue thru the day and get enhanced one last time this evening as the last wave of engergy slides over us. Snow showers should diminish overnight.

Northstar has a 4 day total of 20 inches up top according to their 24 hour snow totals chart. Areas along the crest have received 23-28 inches with Sierra at Tahoe reporting 27 inches so far. I will update snowfall potential if the storm track shifts. BA


Anonymous said...


First off, this blog is amazing. I had some questions so could I email you?

BA said...

you could comment me you email address and I won't post the comment.