Sunday, March 11, 2012

Snow, Snow, and More Snow

We saw a few flakes this morning from a weak system that pushed through.  Not really worried about that as a trough is about to setup off the coast streaming continuous moisture into the Sierra starting Monday night. It will easily be the biggest week of snow so far this season.

The snowfall forecast will change a little through the week but here is the initial estimated snowfall forecast for the mountain above 7000 ft. where it will be mostly all snow. Monday night and by Tuesday evening we could see 6-9 inches. Tuesday night and Wednesday we could see another 12-18 inches. Wednesday night and Thursday another 6-12 inches. Another 6 inches on top Thursday night and by Friday morning we could have totals of 2-3+ feet on the upper half of the mountain.

Then the biggest and coldest storms of the week look like they will move in for Friday and Saturday. These storms will bring lots of cold air and feet of powdery snow all the way down to the Village. We could see another 1-2+ feet by Sunday. Totals for the week by next Sunday could be 3-5+ feet.

Looking at the long-range snow showers could linger into next Monday and then more storms could hit the following week as the trough looks like it will stick around the West Coast. Right now there is no end to the storms in forecast. Updates throughout the week. BA

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