Friday, March 16, 2012

Big Powder Day for Saturday

As of this morning Northstar has picked up over 2 feet up top this week. The snow levels dropped overnight and it snowed hard all the way down to the base today. We picked up several more inches today possibly bringing totals close to 3 feet.

The biggest storm of the week is approaching this evening and will move through overnight and into Saturday morning. Expecting to pick up another 12-18 inches tonight and then another 4-8+ inches during the day on Saturday. That will bring totals for the week up to 4-5 feet up top. That would double what we have seen as of this morning.

Then continued snow showers through Sunday night could add another 6-12 inches over the weekend. The snow coming in tonight is going to be much more powdery and a nice topping to the base that has been building all week. 

Looking at next week it looks like a break in the action by the middle of the week. There is going to be a trough trying to move into the West coast by the end of the week but it is going to have to deal with the ridge building over the West. It should come inland next weekend but it may be a bit weaker by then. Still, the chance is still there that we could see some more snow next weekend. BA

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