Sunday, March 18, 2012

Another Six Inches, It Just Keeps Falling

Northstar picked up another 6 inches Saturday and Saturday night bringing the totals for the week up to 66 inches.  The snow continued to fall all day today bringing several more inches.  The snow showers should begin to wind down overnight and be done by morning.

The ridge will try and build back in off the CA coast Monday but it will remain pretty flat with storms continuing to hit the Pacific NW just to our North. There will be one Tuesday and another Thursday but at most it looks like we will just see some clouds and maybe a random snow shower down here this week. Temperatures will be back into the 40's by Wednesday.

The trough digging down the West coast will then try to push inland next weekend and the only question is when. The GFS has been consistent with Saturday-Sunday but the Euro holds it off until next Monday. The European ensembles show Saturday as well so for now it looks like we could see some colder air and more snowfall next weekend.

The pattern for week 2 looks like it will feature continued storms in to the Pacific NW, but how far South the storm track will be is the question. We could see more flat ridging off the coast keeping storms just to our North. We are back into the positive PNA phase which tends to have ridging and drier conditions. BA

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