Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Snow Has Begun to Fall Again

We ended up picking up 14 inches from the first storm which was a little more than we were expecting. 

The snow from the next storm has alreday begun to fall this evening.  The forecast models continue to come in a little stronger with the storm as it approaches the coast.  This is another cold storm will lots of powder that will pile up on top of what fell yesterday.

The snow will pick up in intesity in the early morning hours Wednesday and will last into Wednesday night.  Another wave coming in Wednesday night will enhance the snowfall again, and then another wave Thursday will enhance the snowfall one more time.

Total 48 hour snowfall by Thursday night should be around 15-25 inches in the Village, 20-30 inches at the base lodge, and 25-35 inches at the summit.  That is 2-3 feet on top of the foot from yesterday.  Total snowfall for the week up top could be 3-4 feet.

The sun and some nicer temperatures for the weekend to get out and enjoy all the snow.  There will be a chance for more storms the end of next week and into the weekend of the 10th.  More on that after all the snow this week.  BA

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