Friday, January 13, 2012

What Will the Storms Bring Next Week?

Hopefully lots and lots of snow.   As good as the conditions have been with all of the snow making we can't wait to add a big base of natural snow.

We are now only five or so days out from the potential onset of storms so we can look at some of the details. We will start next week cold from a cold front that goes through Sunday night. Then we will warm a little as the first storm approaches on Wednesday.

Right now it looks like the first storm will move in around Wednesday night with snow levels of 7000 ft. The storm looks to be about moderate in strength with over a foot possible above 7000 ft. on the mountain. The storm should last through Thursday.

Then another colder and stronger storm arrives sometime on Friday with snow for the entire mountain, possibly a couple feet. Then a third storm which could be the coldest and strongest would arrive next weekend.

By the end of next week we could have several feet of fresh snow with chances that the pattern could continue into the following week. Stay tuned for continued daily updates as we get closer to these long-anticipated storms. BA

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