Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Light Snow Tonight Could Dust the Slopes...

The weather is staying a little unsettled as the final storm moving into the Pacific Northwest tonight. Most of the models show only a enough moisture for a light dusting but the lastest Euro shows the possibility we could see a couple inches on the mountain.

Starting Thursday the ridge  starts to build up the West Coast for about a week of quiet weather. The temperature through the weekend look like they will be in the 40's with lows overnight in the 20's.  That will keep the snow nice and soft during the day. 

The next break through of storms looks like it could be around the end of next week or into the following week. The ridge will block storms until then but the forecast is for the ridge to shift North possibly allowing the storms to break underneath by mid-month. Until then it looks like the temperatures will stay seasonal and the sun will shine.

This is the weather so things can change quickly. Stay tuned...BA

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