Saturday, November 19, 2011

More Snow tonight and Sunday....

We picked up 7 inches at the summit and 5 inches at the base from the Friday night storm.  That was right in line with the forecasted amounts for the storm.  Today was cold and the snow guns continued to fire on top of the fresh snowfall.

All week I have been saying that there was a second storm coming down the coast over the weekend and that it would miss to the West of us and only bring maybe a snow shower or two.  Today the storm track shifted East a little, just enough to put us on the Eastern edge of the storm.

That means snow will move back in again tonight and continue into the day on Sunday.  Looking at the total liquid that should make it into our area the snowfall amounts should be fairly close to what we got from the first storm.  So expect that by Sunday afternoon we may have doubled the snowfall and have a weekend total of around 10-14 inches on the mountain.

The storm for Thanksgiving continues to look like it is going to split into two with the first wave going South of us on Thursday.  We should still see light snowfall amounts from the Northern half of the storm.  A second wave will come onshore to our North and bring continued light snowfall on Friday.

With the Thanksgiving storm clearing the way the next storm for Sunday the 27th should have a clear path and has the potential to bring us some significant snowfall.  Stay tuned because if the Thanksgiving Day storm holds together and doesn't split it too could bring a decent amount of snow.

After the holiday weekend it looks like things could quite down for a little bit going into the first week of December as the ridge builds back off the coast and the East Coast finally gets a turn.  BA

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