Saturday, March 12, 2011

Snowy Week Ahead......

Series of storms will bring lots of fun weather this week starting Sunday night. We will see a storm every other day into next weekend.

As of Saturday morning not much change in the snowfall forecast. Dusting possible on the mountains this afternoon with a quick shot of moisture as a system passes to our North. Next storm moves in tomorrow night into Monday with 3-6 inches on the mountain Sunday night through Monday possibly more if the GFS is right and 2-4 in the Village.

Euro is further North than the GFS with the Tuesday night into Wednesday storm. Euro says another 3-6 inches and the GFS says a foot or more, let's go with the middle of 6-9 inches for now. We may need to go higher because the GFS has been consistent with over a foot of snow.

Next storm is off the coast by Thursday night into Friday. This is where the models diverge a little with what happens. The one thing they agree on is that this will be the coldest storm as we go into a colder pattern towards the end of the week. The GFS has this storm as a cut-off that spins off the coast and ejects inland slowly over the weekend bringing what could be a lot of snow. The Euro says the storm blows right in on Friday and then another couple of waves follow over the weekend.

The reason I talk about the Euro and GFS models the most is that I find them to be the best long-range models. I will use several other models in the short term especially to compare snowfall amounts of an approaching storm.

The pattern remains cold and stormy into week 2 as the ridge builds in the North Pacific out near 150w which is our pattern for colder storms that drop down the West coast. There is some suggestion that the ridge pushes further East towards the end of the month. One scenario could be the jetstream comes underneath if we still have some energy left or that could be the end of the storm train and March goes out like a lamb.

To summarize no matter which model solution is right we should see at least several feet in total on the mountain over the next 10 days to add to our great season. Stay tuned.....BA

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