Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Adding On Slowly.....

First wave of the storm overnight fell apart as it cleared the crest. Northstar picked up 2 inches of snow tying the 25 year snowfall record set in 04/05 of 438 inches on top. At the base about an inch of snow fell overnight & just a coating in the Village.

There is a cold front approaching from the West as well as some heavier bands of snow. Then behind the cold front this afternoon convective snow showers continue into tonight. Expecting another inch or two at the base today as the temps are just above freezing. On the mountain we should pick up another 3-6 inches during the day today.

There are a couple more waves of moisture that will rotate in tonight and through the day on Thursday. Looking for 3-5 inches in the Village tonight & another 2-4 inches tomorrow for a storm total of 5-9+ inches. On the mountain we could see 3-6 inches tonight and 3-6 tomorrow bringing to storm totals up to 12-20 inches by Thursday night.

We get a break on Friday & Saturday before the next storm moves in on Saturday night. This storm is tapping subtropical moisture from all the way down near Hawaii. This will make this storm warmer than the current storm with higher snow levels. I am expecting snow levels to be right around the base lodge or just above through Sunday until a cold front moves through Sunday night. 12-18 inches of thick snow is the early call right now. Snow showers could continue through Monday as another wave rotates through behind the storm. This could bring a few more inches.

We get another break the middle of next week as the pattern undergoes a shift in the Pacific. The ridge has been over the Bering Sea allowing storms to move straight across the Pacific this week and pick up warm subtropical moisture. Next week the ridge is going to move South back to around 150-160w & 40n in the North Pacific. This is where it was the past 2 weeks, and is the ideal location for colder storms. The storms starting the end of next week and going through mid-March will go up and over the ridge and down the West coast as colder storms that will bring accumulating snows to all elevations. The storm door still looks to remain open for at least the next few weeks. BA

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