Saturday, February 26, 2011

Biggest Snowfall in Over 25 Years?

Northstar Picked up another 18 inches in the past 24 hours bringing the 2 day storm total to 4 feet. Northstar is now at 125% of the annual snowfall average and it's only February 26th! Records go back to 1985 and the biggest snowfall year at Northstar in the past 25 years was 04/05 season with 438 inches. We are at 436 right now!

Snow showers died out a little earlier than expected last night as the precip quickly pushed South of us. Temps dropped all night into this morning and it is around 0 degrees everywhere this morning. Even with the sun temps today may not get out of the single digits at the summits and the teens on the rest of the mountains.

Temps rebound tomorrow and Monday into the 20's & 30's as a brief ridge moves in and we get a Southwesterly flow ahead of the next storm approaching the coast. We could see the clouds as early as Monday as moisture streams in to our North, but the main storm doesn't arrive until Wednesday. Current models don't show this first storm getting as much moisture from the Pacific as the following storms. Right now it looks like a 1-2 foot snowfall Wednesday into Thursday. Snow levels may start at or just above lake level before falling.

The pattern we will be in for the next two weeks is one where the polar jetstream and subtropical jetstream merge on CA. As the ridge sits in the Bering Sea cold lows will form in the Gulf of Alaska and Northeast Pacific, while warmer lows picking up subtropical moisture come across the Pacific from the West. The two will combine starting with this first storm on Wednesday. Then subsequent storms starting next weekend into the following week. Those storms look to pick up much more moistur and we could be looking at several feet with each one starting around next Sunday.

After today the pattern of strong cold and powdery storms will end and we will move into more of a normal temp and snowfall pattern with heavier snows. The pattern looks to stay active going towards mid-March. Stay tuned......BA

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