Friday, January 14, 2011

Nice Weather to Persist.....

Northstar had picked up 80% of its annual snowfall average as of January 1st. The snowpack is deep and the weather is beautiful with soft snow. The ridge is building off the coast and mild weather will persist until Tuesday. Still waiting to see how far West the cold comes on Wednesday but either way we should at least cool a little. We look to have at least 7 more days without any storms of significance.

The MJO is still strengthening and heading into the Western Pacific but it has slowed down and barely moved yesterday. That will prolong any change in the pattern it may cause a few more days. The MJO aside the GFS long-range is hinting at the ridge off the coast weakening and the storm track coming further South starting around next weekend. This would get things rolling again with moderate sized storms.

We will keep watching the MJO progress. If it can stay strong and progress further into the Western Pacific we should see amplification of the jetstream the last week of the month into February with a series of stronger storms. Until then enjoy the nice weather and great snowpack. BA

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