Saturday, January 1, 2011


Northstar picked up 2" in the early morning hours and it is still snowing as the warmer air from the storm overriding the cold air in place is triggering steady snowfall. This is 20:1 ratio really light snow that piles up fast even though not much moisture is in this storm. We should see the steady snow taper to snow showers later this morning with 4-8 inches accumulated by then.

Snow showers will continue through the weekend with the chance of steady snow developing again tomorrow morning. The exact track of the storm is still hard to predict due to it being a cut-off low wandering down the coast. If it goes a little South of us we could just see a couple more inches tonight and tomorrow. If it comes in further North we could pick up another foot. Right now we will go in the middle and say another 4-8 inches tonight and Sunday for a weekend total of 8-16 inches on the mountain. Stay tuned for updates as we track the storm. BA

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